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All in all, it wasn't quite how Marcia Overstrand had imagined spending the first night of her Championship. She had expected- or maybe hoped- for something with a bit more grandeur. Instead, she found herself in Alther's lab, witnessing the birth of a baby- the former Champion's baby, even. In hindsight, Marcia regretted challenging the obviously pregnant woman, as the stress of losing had clearly sent her into labor. Marcia would, she thought, set up a strict appointment system in regards to challengers now that she was Champion.

The process was long and rather frustrating for Marcia- she didn't really like how loud the woman was, but she figured it would be impolite and a little tactless to ask her to quiet down, considering she felt at fault for sending the woman into labor in the first place. So Marcia suffered in silence and eventually the baby was born; a healthy girl with dark hair and violet eyes, just like her mother's. Just when it seemed like things would quiet down and perhaps Marcia would get the fanfare she had expected, the unthinkable happened.

It would be later that they would find out this was something that had been in plan for a long time, though Marcia had been an unexpected wrench in the gear of their plans. They had never accounted for someone beating the then Champion in a battle.

The door burst open, nearly flying off of its hinges. Immediately a large team of Pokémon filed in, followed by several people dressed in black with bright red "R"s on the chest. Their faces were covered by black scarves and Marcia couldn't tell who was who, nor did she have any idea that they were a team of criminals- at least, not at first. Alther and Cerys both didn't seem to know who they were, either, which meant these people were definitely not invited to the birth of the baby.

No one had the opportunity to speak before the leader of the new arrivals lifted a silver pistol and raised it in Cerys' direction.

The rest of the night was a blur. Alther had told Marcia to run, handing her the bundled up newborn baby as he prepared to hold back the group of people so that she could escape. Somehow she had managed to without coming to harm and despite a little fussing, the bundle in her arm managed to fall back asleep. Something told Marcia that she had to get back to the Pokémon League quickly- their assassination attempt had clearly been for the Champion. No one knew Marcia had become Champion yet- otherwise, she thought, it might have been her at the receiving end of that bullet.

That thought was enough to send shivers up Marcia' spine and she pulled her cloak tight around her as she made her way through the darkened streets of the town. She was a tad frantic, though she was trying very hard to keep herself calm; Alther would be able to defend himself, she told herself. Marcia was more worried about the fact she had to care for a child. She had never been the best with children, so she really had no idea what she was supposed to do with one.

And that was when she saw him- Silas Heap. He appeared to be in a hurry, but surely he could make time for her. Marcia strode briskly up to him. "Silas!" she hissed, trying to keep her voice down as much as possible. She still felt like those evil people might descend on her at any moment.

The man named Silas Heap turned around, not looking very pleased at having been interrupted- especially by Marcia of all people. "I haven't the time, Marcia. I've only gone out to get something for Sarah, she's given birth to-" But he didn't have time to finish, as Marcia was shoving the bundle into his arms.

"Tell no one. She was born to you." In Marcia's opinion, they had so many children that one more ought to not hurt. She trusted them, and she figured that no one would know any better. The baby would be safe with them and she would be free to focus on finding out what was going on. "Please," she hissed quickly. "I must go now. The League isn't safe."

A moment later, she was letting out an Altaria from one of her Pokeballs and climbing atop it. Silas was baffled, but it only took a moment for him to realize what it must mean. Marcia was the Champion. With a bit of an exasperated sigh, the man made his way back home with the newborn baby in his arms. How was he going to explain this to Sarah?

Unbeknownst to the both of them, in each city all across the region, the villainous team that called themselves Team Rocket were breaking in and abducting children and babies, and Sarah and Silas's newborn was one of them.
Chapter One
Ten years and a few months later, Marcia awoke to the sound of her alarm going off. It took her a long moment to realize that it had been a dream, and that she had not suddenly found herself ten years in the past. Team Rocket wasn't still in control of everything- they had won.

And she had something very important to do that day- something that if she didn't get a move on, she would be late for. She smiled faintly, as events from recent months lingered in her mind. She had finally found someone who might one day take her place as Champion, it was time for her to see him off on his journey. It would be a long one for him, she knew that. But in the months they spent together before the demise of Team Rocket, she'd seen that he had a special, skillful way of handling Pokémon.

So with a new bounce to her step at the thought, she got out of bed and proceeded to start getting ready.

Hundreds of miles away, Septimus Heap awoke to his own alarm.

Unlike Marcia, he was up and out of bed quickly, an eagerness in his movements and overall mannerisms. He could hardly believe it. Not only had he recently found out he had an entire family that he had never known about, but he was finally, finally free to become a Pokémon trainer.

All of his life, he had been known simply as Grunt 412, stolen from his family and taught the ways of Team Rocket, along with a whole army of other young grunts. At age 8, he had been given a standard issue rattata and taught the basics. From then on, he had dreamed of becoming a trainer- maybe if Champion, like the woman they were all taught to hate.

They were taught to hate the Champion because, frustratingly, the Pokémon League was the one place that held out above all others. Marcia's Pokémon and he skill at training them had been enough to prevent even Team Rocket from taking control of the league and for ten long years, they brainwashed kids into hating her and plotted to overthrow her.

It was on the night that they tried when Septimus' life changed forever. Caught in the crossfire between Marcia's Lapras' Blizzard attack, he was very nearly killed. She took him in and nursed him back to health. He, along with Jenna Heap, the daughter of the former Champion whom Team Rocket had tracked down and intended to finish the job, Nicko Heap and a few others, ended up at Jenna's Aunt Zelda's house.

There, they had slowly befriended Grunt 412 and it was with his help that Marcia finally managed to defeat the leader of Team Rocket, DomDaniel.

Somehow, he had managed to attract Marcia's attention and she thought that he would make a good trainer. It was under her advisement that he had finally decided to embark on a quest to get the badges, along with his Pokémon, a Rattata named Boris. He'd only really named it recently, as they weren't allowed to in Team Rocket. It was little things like that which Septimus was happy for the most.

He was to meet Marcia at Alther's lab, where he would also be receiving his Pokédex and then he would be off on his journey. It was exciting and slightly scary. But mostly exciting.

The house was surprisingly quiet as he made to leave his room after having put on a long-sleeved green t-shirt ad tan pants. His hair was a lost cause- after having to shave it all off for his entire life, he was letting it grow wild and free for now. He didn't particularly feel like trying to fuss with it, so his straw colored curls were sticking up everywhere.

After finding out her parentage, Jenna had convinced everyone to move in her mother's old house, so it was quite big enough for the entire Heap family. Septimus liked it if only because it made for a good change from the cramped living quarters at Rocket HQ. Still, he would have expected there to be a bit more hustle and bustle, considering it was his first day on his new journey. Unbeknownst to him, he would soon learn the reason behind that.

He made it to the kitchen a moment later and as he flicked the light on, he realized just why it was so alarmingly quiet.


The voices of several people rang out at once, startling Septimus enough that he nearly fell backwards as he took a step back. There was a banner saying "Congratulations" hanging from the ceiling and a large cake on the kitchen table, which the entirety of his new family was standing around.

Maxie, the Arcanine, barreled over and, as the Pokémon never quite seemed to realize he was bigger than most people, knocked Septimus over and drooled all over him.

"Eugh-! Maxie, getoffme," he cried out, though his tone was amused as he pushed at the large, happy dog Pokémon. It was only when his father, Silas, came over that Maxie finally listened.

"Down, boy." With the dog out of the way, Silas extended a hand to which Septimus took gratefully. He looked even messier than he had a moment ago. A moment later, Silas was pulling him into a hug. "I'm proud of you," he said quietly.

It was still strange for Septimus, having a family and most of all getting hugged. Maybe it was even a little awkward for him, but he returned the hug and tried not to let it show. "Thanks," he said with a smile. It was then that Sarah Heap intervened, moving in to push Septimus towards a chair.

"Come on, you can't go off on a trip on an empty stomach! I've made all your favorites," she said, "As well as cake."

Septimus refrained from mentioning that she couldn't possibly know his favorites- nor did he note that the bacon and eggs presented to him had a depressing lack of cabbage. He'd grown quite fond of breakfast at Aunt Zelda. He didn't want to hurt Sarah's feelings, though. Instead, he gave her a smile as the rest of the Heaps sat down around him and the usual breakfast hubbub began. To Septimus, it was strange and exciting. He'd never get used to having breakfast with his family.

But something was missing. "Where is Jenna?" he asked- and, as an afterthought, "And Simon?"

"Jenna's still getting ready," Nicko answered helpfully. "And Simon…"

"Don't worry about Simon," Silas said with a small sigh, opening up his newspaper and burying himself in it.

The truth was, Simon wasn't there because he didn't want to be. He was jealous that Septimus had the direct support of the Champion on the start of his journey, not to mention that Marcia seemed to think Septimus would be the one to become Champion one day. It was his dream. Septimus had come along and gotten in the way.

"…Alright then," Septimus said with a shrug. It was vague and a little ominous, but he didn't want to pry. He was more interested in what was going on with Jenna. "Does anyone want to tell me what Jenna's getting ready for exactly?"

"Well duh, I thought it would be obvious." A voice from the doorway made Septimus turn in his seat, having been in the process of feeding a bit of bacon to Maxie who was standing next to him. She was dressed in sensible clothing and had a backpack thrown over her shoulders. "I'm coming with you!" It looked, Septimus realized, like he wasn't going to be alone on his journey like he thought. Jenna was coming with him.

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