Apr. 10th, 2013

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"Alright, I'll bite. Why're you staring at me?"

It's a question that comes after noticing the girl staring at him for at least ten minutes now. She isn't as subtle as she thinks she is, looking away obviously every time he tries to catch her stare. So he had to ask, because little kids staring at him is about the most annoying and weird thing ever.

She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. "I-- uhh..." She stammers, looking around as if she's debating on running. "Run and I'll catch you, so don't even try," he states firmly. "Come on now, what the hell's the problem? I got something on my face or something?"

The girl just shakes her head. "No! And that's the problem. But I'm not supposed to talk to you about it!"

Bro squints at her from behind his shades. "I'll give you money if you tell me."

"Deal." She holds her hand out.

Bro reaches into his pocket and stuffs a wad of cash in her hand, not even caring how much it actually is. Probably a few thousand P. "Alright, now spill."

"Well see," she starts, putting the money in the little purse she brought with her. "I was talking to Miss Valeria and she said she banged you hard!" Bro's eyes go fucking wide behind his shades and his mouth hangs open. "And so I was looking for bruises!"

What the actual fuck.

"She said she banged you really, really hard against the wall, and that you deserved it!" she continues, "Did it hurt?"

Bro doesn't even know what the actual fuck to say to this. "...No?"

"Ugh," the girl says, shaking her head. "She must've did it wrong."

And with that, she just walks away. And Bro has no fucking idea what just happened.


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