Oct. 28th, 2013

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Current age, 32.

When he was 18 Bro had a one night stand. Of course as life would have it, babby was formed. Twins were born and he and their mother decided to split the kids and live separate lives. Bro named him Dave, after his older brother just as Dave had named his son Dirk. It was supposed to be ironic or something.

Fast forward into the future, everything changed when the Kaiju nation attacked. Bro and Dave, his brother, got involved in the Jaeger program together. They were drift compatible and immediately the two of them kicked some major ass, becoming pretty famous for their Kaiju killing exploits. There just wasn't a team quite like the Striders.

Of course it isn't a Pacific Rim AU without gratuitous amounts of death and angst. After a few years of working together, they met their match. Bro survived, but Dave wasn't lucky. He died, and Bro quit fighting with giant robots- though he didn't drop off the face of the planet completely. He stuck around and worked behind the scenes, because he knew Dave wouldn't want him to become completely useless just because he had died. Ever since then though, he's refused to try drifting with anyone. He doesn't think that anyone could be as compatible as Dave had been.


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