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Name: James
Age: 20
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Name: Septimus Heap
Canon: Septimus Heap
Age: 13, nearly 14
Timeline: The end of the fifth book, Syren
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: This is only to be used if are already playing another character from the canon you are applying for. For example, if you are apping Mario and you already play Princess Peach in the game, how will you handle their interactions without playercesting? N/A

Personality: Septimus is, above all of his other qualities, an easy going guy. He's friendly and laid back and usually isn't someone quick tempered. People find him easy to talk to and approach. His calm demeanor makes it easy for most people to get along with him, and he's a generally well liked individual amongst the wizard at the wizard's tower. In their own words, they appreciate the fact that unlike Marcia or other well known wizards, Septimus hasn't let his position go to his head. It's a sign of just how down to earth Septimus is that he hasn't let it, considering it's a very big honor to be chosen as the ExtraOrdinary Wizard apprentice- especially to Marcia Overstrand, who spent years searching for just the right person to take as her apprentice.

That isn't to say, however, that he doesn't have his moments where he gets irritable or impatient or even downright angry. He's someone who wants to be taken seriously, perhaps because he has the need to have people's approval (or at least people he cares about, like his family or Marcia); when someone doesn't believe him, or doesn't take what he's saying seriously, it usually gets him pretty upset. His stubborn streak comes out then, leading him to go to great lengths to prove himself right, such as when Simon kidnapped Jenna and no one believed him, prompting him to go off on a journey to save her himself. When he thinks he's right about something, it takes a lot to sway him from it- usually the cause being him actually being proven wrong. Though he isn't wrong very often, it does happen on occasion. But usually, Septimus has a pretty good instinct when it comes to things, which probably has a lot to do with how he grew up.

From birth to age ten, Septimus was raised in the Young Army as Expendable Boy 412. During his training, he was taught the ins and outs of survival. He became quite the resourceful boy during his time in the Young Army. Considering how dangerous it was and how many kids actually died, it's easy to see just how talented Septimus was at surviving. He could survive things such as being abandoned in the woods, thrown into wolverine pits and the like. Needless to say, life in the young army was not an easy one but Septimus survived. Along with the survival skills, he became equally as skilled at being organized. He keeps his things neat and tidy without being asked, as well as his young army backpack packed at all times with things he might need in order to survive should the need arise. Though, he did go through a bit of a rebellious phase after leaving the Young Army in which he was purposefully messy- but then he realized he much preferred being clean and got back into the habit of keeping everything nice and organized.

Septimus is also a very intelligent boy. Even despite being the seventh son of a seventh son and thus more magykally inclined, Septimus is smart and picks things up pretty quickly. He has a thirst for knowledge in general, but especially magykal knowledge. When he got out of the army, he spent ages just reading book after book because he enjoyed them so much. He took to magyk quickly and immersed himself in it. Becoming a Wizard was a source of great pride and excitement to him, the day of him becoming an apprentice being one he would remember fondly for the rest of his life. Along with his penchant for Magyk, Septimus was also a natural at Physik and quickly became skilled in it when he was forced to be apprenticed to Marcellus Pye. Physik is pretty much the opposite of Magyk, dealing with potions and herbs and the like.

Perhaps one of the only things he regards with more fondness than that would be him finding out he actually had a family. It was something he had always wanted and when it was a dream come true when he was reunited with them. Septimus loves his family dearly, but it isn't all peaches and cream though; his family is also a source of insecurity for him. There are times he feels like he doesn't quite fit in with them because of the fact he spent ten years of his life not having a family at all. He desperately wants to fit in with them and gain their approval. He was really glad when, even though Simon still treated him badly, his eldest brother finally acknowledged him as a sibling. For the most part, Simon being the main exception, his insecurities are unwarranted because his family loves him quite a lot. A few of them think he's a little weird (and judge him for liking Aunt Zelda's cabbage sandwiches), but he's okay with that as long as they accept him.

Septimus also has a very close relationship with his mentor, Marcia Overstrand. He has a habit of both impressing her and testing her patience from time to time; in fact, he's impressed her so much that she promoted him to senior apprentice years before most apprentices received such a promotion. Septimus sincerely looks up to Marcia in her talent with magyk and in turn Marcia is, despite her impatience and severe personality, very fond and protective of Septimus as well. The two have a really good relationship overall. In a way, she's like a second mother to Septimus and it's quite likely the two of them see each other as something like family, dysfunctional though they may be. All in all, Septimus is proud to be her apprentice and it's not something he would trade for the world. Perhaps the one biggest thing they tend to disagree on would be Magyk vs. Physik. Marcia puts no stock in Physik and Septimus, after his forced apprenticeship to Marcellus, came to regard Physik as equally important as Magyk. It causes arguments between them, but in the end Marcia lets him practice it anyway.

Jenna and Beetle are probably two of Septimus' closest friends. Though Jenna and Septimus aren't actually related by blood, the two of them have a strong, brother/sister kind of relationship and they care about each other a lot, with both going to great lengths to keep the other safe whenever danger arises. Not only that, be the two of them have a way of playing off each other that makes solving problems or getting out of trouble that much easier. In a way, they keep each other grounded and each of them greatly benefits from the other. Beetle, on the other hand, is Septimus' best bro. Beetle is truly Septimus' best friend and the two of them do most things together, from helping each other to just chilling out and drinking fizzroot together- a soda-like drink that Marcia disapproves of.

Which really leads to the fact that despite his skills and intelligence and knack for studying, Septimus is still a kid. He's not above breaking the rules from time to time and just being silly, sarcastic and playful. It's not often that he really lets himself go, but it happens on occasion, especially with Beetle- though usually the height of Septimus's rule breaking tends to be drinking the aforementioned fizzroot drink. But aside from that, Septimus has a pretty good sense of humor and it tends to translate over into his Wizard homework, much to Marcia's chagrin. Many a times she's had to chastise him for saying love charms are gross, or trying to be funny in his homework. So for as serious as he is, he can also be pretty childish on occasion.

One of Septimus's favorite things to do is fly. At first, like most wizards, Septimus had an intense fear of heights. That changed when he unwittingly performed all the necessary requirements to hatch a dragon egg he never knew he had. Spit Fyre, his dragon, quickly wormed his way into Septimus's heart and after their first flyte, Septimus fell in love and quickly got over his fear of heights. It became even more of a joy when he discovered the lost art of Flyte, being able to fly by himself with magyk. Unfortunately he enjoyed it a little too much and Marcia ended up taking away his Flyte Charm for a while so that he would start focusing on his studies again.

Overall, Septimus is a good kid and an even better apprentice. He can sometimes lose focus, get irritable, get in trouble and frustrate Marcia, but he's got good intentions and a good head on his shoulders. He's not afraid to jump head first into danger, no matter what it happens to be, if it means helping someone out and there isn't a thing he wouldn't do for his friends or his family. It might get him into trouble sometimes, but in the end he makes out it safe because of his friends and his own skills at survival and magyk.

Background: His wiki page

Abilities: Septimus is, to put it simply, a Wizard. He is capable of performing all kinds of Magyk. Being the seventh son of a seventh son, he's able to pick things up more quickly than the average wizard and has substantially more Magykal power as well.

The types of spells he can perform range from an UnSeen which allows him to become invisible to everyone, he can Transfix creatures and make them unable to move, Freeze them, create Projections and many, many more abilities. Most notably, he can perform Flyte, which was an art lost until he came across the other piece of the Flyte Charm. It has been shown that he can even perform the spell without the Charm. There are many more spells and charms he's capable of doing, which range from mundane things such as dry clean spells or summons as well as tracking and teleportation.

Magyk is not the only thing Septimus is capable of doing. After being pushed into a mirror and sent to the past, he was forced to become the apprentice to Marcellus Pye. Under his tutelage, he learned Physik, which is basically medicine. He can create potions and cures and many other things with his knowledge of the art of Physik.

Beyond that, after spending the first ten years of his life in the Young Army, Septimus knows all the ins and outs of survival as well as organization and everything that comes with being in an army. He knows how to camp and scavenge for food and make traps and things of that nature. Considering he was known as 'Expendable" and could at any point die during the army training and no one could care less, Septimus is extremely skilled at these things.

Finally, Septimus knows how to take care of dragons! Because he got lucky enough to fill all the requirements of hatching the dragon egg he never knew he had, thus landing him with a dragon he never intended to have. His dragon, Spit Fyre, is quite the handful but Septimus has taken good care of him and loves him dearly.

First Person: Dear Mun Post but also a written sample:

[If this is magyk, it's not the kind of magyk Septimus is used to. The watch on his wrist doesn't make any sense, with all of its features and apparent hidden secrets. He could press a button to conjure words? It was... nothing short of extraordinary.

But then the video feature is discovered and blows that out of the water.]

I'm not sure what this is or how it's even possible, but it's amazing. But I guess that isn't really important. I need to get back home! I... I can't be lost from my time again, I just can't.

[He sounds a little desperate. It's so similar to when he was taken by Marcellus into the past, Septimus can't help but feel like it's somehow happened again. But he doesn't remember falling through any mirrors, or... Or anything out of the ordinary happening, honestly.]

Marcia needs her apprentice back and I want to see my friends. She's going to get fed up with all the disappearing I end up doing! If she isn't already... Can someone please help me? This is working, right? Hello?

Third Person: Septimus didn't want to admit it, but he was afraid. After waking up on the train with nothing but the clothes on his back, he felt a major sense of deja vu. It was like he'd been lost in time again, only this one was much more unfamiliar even than Marcellus's time and that was saying a lot because Marcellus's time had been extremely confusing. Septimus also wasn't familiar with trains, either, so that in itself was pretty jarring.

So when it finally came to a stop and Septimus departed, he couldn't help marveling at the thing. It wasn't something he'd ever seen before, but it was fascinating as well as frightening. He clearly wasn't in his time. Not by a long shot. Was he in the future? Some distant past? There were myths about this kind of thing. Metal boxes that flew to the moon, that sort of thing. Was this one of them?

He didn't know, and he didn't particularly want to find out. "Hello?" he called out, looking around the seemingly empty train station. No one answered. "Marcia?" He knew it was pointless. Something told him Marcia- or anyone he knew, for that matter- was not there. He felt alone, cold, and scared. "Come on, get it together, Sep. You're alive. That's a pro. You still have your apprentice belt and charms. Another pro." He assumed his magyk still worked, so there was no use checking on that. Magyk wasn't something you could just have taken away, after all.

Unfortunately, however, as he continued naming off all of the pros and cons, the cons ended up outweighing the pros. All he could do from there was wander away and hope he found out how to get back home as the pit of dread in his stomach continued to grow.


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