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Ruby City: Loki Laufeyson

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Name: Loki Laufeyson
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Age: Real age is somewhere in the 1000s, apparent age is in his 20s
Timeline: The end of The Avengers
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Personality: Loki, above and beyond all else, feels like he is entitled to some sort of rule. Throughout every movie he's been in, his driving force has been to have control, be it Asgard or Earth. His entitlement is brought on by a lot of things, but primarily by his jealousy of Thor. All throughout his life he's felt second best to his brother and always longed to be his equal. But he knew he was never equal to Thor and it made him bitter. He looked for ways to undermine Thor, to make him look like the better option over his brother.

The levels in which Loki will stoop to in order to do this really know no bounds; he's betrayed Thor and everyone else countless times, sneaking Frost Giants into Asgard before he ever even learned the truth of his lineage and really came to desire the throne and get revenge. He's has nothing against lying and deceiving people in order to further his ambitions, even if they are family or people who he calls friends- if he ever even has friends. If he did, he would probably betray them too if an opportunity presented itself and it was the way to get what he wanted.

To speak of Thor for a moment, it isn't that Loki doesn't love Thor, there just happens to be years of resentment and anger that clouds it and makes it seem like Loki despises him. All his life, he's come second to Thor and Thor's accomplishments. In a way, Loki made it sound like he idolized Thor during their childhood, and that idolization has turned into a bitterness that made Loki want to knock Thor down several pegs while he rises above him. He seems to want nothing more than to see Thor lose everything just so he can be there to take it all for himself.

Their relationship is complicated. He probably does care for him. Maybe.

His anger towards being second best became even greater upon finding out that he was not Asgardian like he thought he was and was in fact adopted, a Frost Giant baby taken in by Odin and raised as his own. Finding out he wasn't a true son of Odin was a huge turning point for Loki. He saw Odin's actions as nothing more than taking a trophy, that he would be used as nothing but a pawn and that Odin never intended to put him on the throne because he wasn't his true son. It made him even more angry towards Thor and even more determined to take the throne from him, to prove that he could be a better and more suitable king than Thor.

Such was his determination that he had no qualms with trying to destroy an entire planet in order to prove himself to Odin- and that's where his manipulative, deceitful side comes into play. Rather than doing it in a straightforward manner, he did it in a conniving, backstabbing sort of way. Making a pact with the Frost Giants, leading them into Asgard only to betray them to make him look better in Odin's eyes. Loki isn't one to do things in a straightforward manner; he lies, he tricks and he deceives in order to accomplish his goals. He's not the god of mischief for nothing, after all.

Once Odin denied him and his attempts at proving himself, Loki decided to allow himself to be sucked into the abyss created by the destroyed bifrost. To everyone else, it looked like Loki committed suicide. It didn't kill him and instead seemed to warp his mind quite a bit, as when he finally revealed himself alive with his attempts to take over Earth, he seemed a fairly different man than the one he once had been. Darker, more angry, he was willing to stop at nothing to take over the Earth for himself, thus showing just how desperate he is for a little bit of power. He killed, he threatened and he acted completely without remorse the entire time.

Loki does not hold the title of god with any sort of humility or grace as a god or even potential ruler should. He believes himself superior to everyone and that everyone is below him and that he is doing them all a favor by attempting to rule them, despite the fact that his order would have brought on chaos and death. He values the lives of mortals very little and thinks nothing of killing or lying to them. As he put it, an ant has no quarrel with a boot and he is the boot that wishes to step on the humans, to rule them with an iron fist.

Despite all of this, Loki has also been called silver tongued. He is intelligent, eloquent, and extremely good at lies and deceit. He may be a raging, entitled douchebag, but he's capable of coming across as the complete opposite if the need arises. It goes hand in hand with his ability to shapeshift, which he's used to deceive people before in order to get what he wants or even to just screw around with them. Despite all his anger and bitterness, he's still got a pretty damn good sense of humor, such as the god of mischief should. His primary mode of offense is usually having a good defense, which translates to making copies of himself to confuse opponents. As such, being deceitful is pretty much in Loki's core.

Overall, Loki really only cares about himself. If he seems to care about other people, it's probably a trick and he intends on stabbing them in the back at some point if the chance presents itself in a way that he can benefit from it. If someone isn't useful to him, he likely won't even bother with them. Truly the only person he has shown to not hold any real resentment towards if his mother, Frigga. Odin lost all of his love and desire for respect upon learning of his lineage and as such, he stopped caring for him much like he did Thor. Frigga is the only one Loki still seems to hold affection for after everything.

But he would still probably stab her in the back if it got him a throne.

Background: A wiki link for your reading pleasure

Abilities: Loki has a wide range of powers, mostly magical in nature. It's safe to say that being the god of mischief, he specializes in deception. He can create copies of himself and others if need be, though these copies aren't solid. They aren't always the clearest copies, as they tend to flicker a little if Loki isn't focusing on them enough. Along with that, he can mask the appearance of objects such as the way he was able to make his scepter look like a regular walking cane. Loki is also capable of shapeshifting, from his clothes to his actual appearance which he uses to disguise himself as other people, for shits and giggles as well as to further his goals.

Aside from his magical powers, Loki is both intelligent and physically adept and as well as clever. Despite the fact he looks skinny and incapable, he's able to hold his own in a fight with Thor well enough despite the strength Thor possesses. He's also got insanely fast reflexes, being able to do things like grab an arrow that was flying towards him out of mid air. Loki has also been shown to be pretty damn strong, capable of throwing lesser men around like ragdolls.

He's a lot more durable than humans, considering he's not human at all. He's capable of taking several kinds of beatings, most notably from The Hulk as well as others and walking away with little more than a few scratches, even after being pummeled into the ground by The Hulk. Despite being able to take a beating, he seems a little more susceptible to stabbings, though he still hasn't died from any of them so he's still pretty damn durable.

Owing to his Frost Giant lineage, he seems to be immune to the cold and it's damaging effects.

First Person: [Well, well, well. This was unexpected. Ending up in an entirely new city, sans Thor, after attempting to world hop back to Asgard?

It seems Loki lucked out, and he can't help but grin. At first, he thought it was a simple malfunction with the Tesseract, but then he realized quickly that it was something far bigger than that. This is an entirely new world all together. An entirely new world in need of a ruler that wasn't faceless.

The ruler is him.

But beyond that, in his time looking around and trying to get his bearings, he's noticed something. He's not the only one from his world. Oh no, a certain woman by the name Jane is also there. Loki figures this ought to be fun. He can have a fun before announcing his true presence, can't he? Besides, the lie could prove useful. After all, people seem to be more endeared with his big blond oaf of a brother than himself.

So his appearance shifts into that of his brother, Thor, and he switches on the video feed.]

Greetings Ruby City.

[The smile that plays at those lips is a lot friendlier than it would appear on Loki's.]

I am Thor Odinson of Asgard. What can you tell me of this place?

Third Person: Who would have thought that impersonating Thor would have ended up being so frustrating? Actually, Loki had had a feeling that it would end up being that way, but he'd still done it anyway. Despite that, he found it growing increasingly more infuriating the longer he did it. Their differences became increasingly more apparent. Whereas Loki was eloquent and intelligent, acting as Thor made him feel clunky and idiotic.

Not a very friendly way to consider your brother, but such was the way of Loki. That aside, it also fueled his jealousy. He wanted people to look to him and consider him a leader, someone to look up to. Not Thor. He thought perhaps it was time to let the disguise go and to let people see him for who he was- or else pretend "Thor" had vanished and he had shown up in his place. No one would be any the wiser to his little game of deception and he could work on cultivating his image of king.

At least, that's how it worked in his mind, for the most part. . The people of Ruby City weren't so primitive like the ones on Earth. A lot of them seemed more intelligent than to be ruled by him. But there were no Avengers to put a stop to him, from the looks of it. Maybe he was over thinking it. Without the Avengers- without Thor maybe he could successfully take control of this place and become their king.

Still, even with those ambitions in mind, Loki was hesitant. He wasn't some child who didn't learn from his mistakes. He wasn't Thor. The attempt on Earth had failed. Maybe a more subtle approach was in order. Maybe he should give the old silver tongue a work out and deceive people in a more personal way. A way that didn't involve pretending to be an idiot.

Yes. That was exactly how he should do it. Enough relying on Thor in any form. He would do it as himself and Thor would become but a forgotten whisper on the winds. Soon, it would be only Loki.